urban development with, by and for all

InCommOn is a civil non-profit company
that promotes sustainable and participatory
urban development to tackle the problems
that Greek cities are facing.

It works through a holistic and multidisciplinary approach that empowers communities to generate environmental, educational, cultural and social projects to meet the challenges of their urban landscape.


3 teams

3 areas of work

InCommOn comprises 3 branches – each with its own area of work and autonomous decision-making structures, but in cooperation with each other.

What makes InCommOn unique?

InCommOn’s holistic approach and participatory methodology are unique to Greece. The approach recognises that all urban issues are interconnected and thus, the manner in which to solve them must be holistic. With a team that is a multidisiplinary mix of professionals, volunteers and community members, InCommOn empowers the community to find sustainable, collective responses to their issues.

Get involved

Join our diverse team and take part in meaningful projects. Your support is always welcome.