The project calls for a mindset shift and a change of habits in order to protect the environment through the proper management of bio-waste and the use of the brown bin.

Let’s bring about a positive change starting…from our kitchen!

We can take the first step with the leftovers from cooking, meal preparations or even spare food leftovers in our kitchens, eventually ending up in the common (mixed) garbage bin and then in a landfill.

Why is this a harmful choice? Because the burial of food waste (organic waste) harms both the environment and our health (air pollution) as well as the economy (high costs of operating landfills, fines for non-limitation of landfills) and by extension the community itself. But this reality can definitely change by making a shift in the way we manage this sort of waste by using the brown bins placed exclusively for the selection of organic waste. 

Brown bins-located at our neighborhoods next to the green and blue ones- are much more than just… trash bins. They collect our food waste to give it a new value by making it compostable. A valuable soil improver, a natural and rich fertilizer for the plants and the land. By using them regularly we practically contribute to  something really good for the neighborhood and the environment in a simple, cost-effective and highly circular way! We use resources, we don’t waste them, we keep everything in the circle of life!

The key-steps towards this change are the following:

-Separating our food waste at source

-Using properly the brown bins

-Collaborating all parts of the neighborhood (residents, businesses, schools, local bodies).

Together we can make the difference and bring a positive change!

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